Our Professional Sales Talent Profiles take the guesswork out of hiring and coaching sales people, by identifying top sales performers with the knowledge, skills, attitude, and characteristics of top sales professionals.



We offer several types of reports, depending on what you want to know before you hire, promote or fire someone.

*Our most popular report for hiring new sales people and developing sales teams is the Sales Behaviors and Sales Motivators combination report.

Attitudes:  (Recommended for applicant screening only; not intended for employees)
Many sales people are hired for their knowledge, skills and experience, while many are fired for their unacceptable attitude and behavior, neither of which can be determined completely and accurately from resumes’, background checks, references or interviews. Our Orion© pre-employment workplace attitudes and opinions profile provides you with a snap-shot of an applicant’s work related attitudes that make someone an asset or a liability, regardless of their skill or experience. Brochure   •   Report

Behaviors: (Recommended for applicants screening and employee development)
Identifies an individual salesperson’s natural sales behaviors, selling style and personality. A salesperson who understands their selling style and their prospects’ buying styles, and incorporates that into their sales strategy, will have a significant competitive advantage. Includes a detailed sales psychology to help salespeople understand the four basic buying styles and how to adapt their selling style to sell more effectively to all types of buyers. Sales skills identifies an individual salesperson’s selling skills including; prospecting, first impressions, qualifying presentation, influence and closing.  Brochure   •   e-Book   •   Report   •   Two-person comparison   •   Group report

Motivators: (Recommended for applicants screening and employee development)
The 12 Driving Forces is an assessment tool that measures what really drives us. It is built around six basic areas of motivation that people experience on any given day. You can release an individual’s potential by using the 12 Driving Forces assessment to solve many of your professional development challenges.  Brochure   •   e-Book   •   Leadership Styles   •  Leadership in Crisis

Sales Strategies: (Optional – in depth assessment of sales knowledge, skills and sales strategy for coaching)
The Target Selling Insights™ (TSI) report is an objective analysis of an individual’s understanding of the strategies required to sell successfully in any sales environment. It essentially answers the question, “Does this person know how to sell?” Like any profession, selling has a body of knowledge related to its successful execution. It is this sales knowledge that Target Selling Insights™ measures. Brochure  •   Report   •   Questionnaire   •   User Guide   •  Debrief Guide   •   Sales Team Group report

EQ-Emotional Intelligence:  (Optional – recommended for experienced sales people)
Research shows that successful leaders and superior performers have well-developed emotional intelligence skills. This makes it possible for them to work well with a wide variety of people and to respond effectively to the rapidly changing conditions in the business world. In fact, a person’s
EQ may be a better predictor of success performance than intelligence (IQ). This assessment measures how well a person is able to understand and manage their emotions and relationships with others. Brochure  •  Report   •   e-Book

Stress: (Optional for counseling and coaching)
This assessment helps you understand whether or not the stress in your office is dramatically rising and hampering productivity, killing your culture or staying within reasonable levels. Once you know, you can address the root causes — which can include lack of job fit, miscommunications or mismanagement. Brochure  •  Individual report  •   Leader report   •   Group report

This assessment will identify the strengths, problem-solving abilities, communication preferences and potential areas for conflict within each of the behavioral styles represented by the team.
Group Behaviors report  •   Group Motivators report   •   Bar Chart   •   Group Wheel

Working from Home:
Everyone has their own style and tendencies. When working virtually, we need to become more aware of our strengths and weaknesses and how to manage them. We don’t have our peers, leaders and other influencers around us to help point out when we need course-correction. Time and priority management is key.   Sample report

Job BenchmarkBrochure     Behaviors   •   Motivators


Applicant Screening and Selection – The #1 cause of sales rep turnover is poor selection
Hiring the wrong person can be a miserable and costly experience for the new employee, as well as for you and your other employees and customers. Most people are hired for their knowledge, skills, the interviewer’s “gut-feelings” and how badly they need to hire someone. However, most people are fired for their unacceptable attitude and behavior, neither of which can be determined completely and accurately from resumes’, background checks, references or interviews.

Training – Companies waste a lot of time and money training the WRONG people!
According to an employee turnover study by two major universities, companies spend 5 times more on training than they do on selection; while 76% of turnover is due to poor selection and only 24% is due to poor training. Our Professional Sales Talent Profile will tell you what training they will need most to be successful.

Counseling – Most sales professionals who experience a sales slump,have merely lost sight of the behavior it takes to be successful. With the proper unbiased, objective diagnosis in the Professional Sales Profile, a “sales slump” can be turned into sales success. 2-person Comparison Report

Retention – The lifetime value of a major account can be huge, but it pales in comparison to the lifetime value of a top producer. Losing a new rep after a few months is time-consuming expensive, but losing a top sales performer who has been with you for a long time can be astronomical. The same Professional Sales Profile that you use to hire new people is also valuable in leading, managing, motivating and retaining your top sales people.

Sales Management – A good sales manager can be worth their weight in gold; but a poor one can do more harm than good. Top sales producers are often promoted to a sales management position, but success in sales doesn’t always guarantee success in sales management, and can result in a double loss when we trade a top producer for a mediocre sales manager.

Many new sales managers are given very little training and coaching on the differences and transition from direct sales (playing) to sales management (coaching) and working effectively work with and through a sales team vs. direct sales.

One mistake often made by sales managers is to “assume” that all the salespeople on their sales team sell the same way and are motivated by the same things.to help them assess their own leadership style and motivation to help them better understand themselves and their sales team, minimize conflicts, maximize everyone’s productivity and reduce turnover.

Team Building – The best thing a sales manager can do for their sales team is to find out what makes them tick and keep them wound up.  The best way to find out what makes them tick is with a Professional Sales Team Profile

Sales Team Behaviors BAR CHART – Sales Team Behaviors WHEEL CHART
Office Technology Dealer Organization Team Behaviors Wheel (sales, service and management)


Job Bench-Marking – Wouldn’t it be great if we could clone our best sales people? That’s not possible, at least not yet, but our Sales Talent Job Benchmark can quickly identify the behaviors, values, driving forces, personal skills and attitude required in a job for superior sales performance, and create a best practice standard for hiring and developing future sales super stars. Using job bench-marking in the selection and development of your employees will help reduce “gut-feeling” hiring decisions made under pressure and , improve your new hires’ chances of success and reduce costly turnover. The right talent in the right job equals top performance and employee satisfaction, which is exactly what every company wants.  Job Behaviors benchmark  –   Job Motivators benchmark   Job Bench-marking Article

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