Our Professional Management Profile is a comprehensive assessment for existing and future supervisors and managers to help them assess their leadership style and motivation, in order to help them better understand themselves and their team and maximize everyone’s productivity.

1. Workplace Attitude & Values
Note: Intended only for applicants or for employees being considered for a new position within the company.
If you are concerned about hiring only honest, loyal, hard-working employees, who show up for work on time, won’t steal from you, use drugs or be rude to your customers, then our workplace attitude pre-screen survey is an accurate and inexpensive solution. This part of the report describes a person’s workplace attitudes and values that drive their workplace behavior including; dependability, work ethic, employee theft, drugs, safety, customer service, supervision, long-term employment and reliability.
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2. Behaviors (management/leadership style)
This part of the report identifies a person’s natural behavioral style and what type of job is the best match for them.

3. Motivators
Much of the research conducted in the past on top salespeople has been focused on behavior. Behavioral research has been popular because, like looking good and sounding good, behavior can be observed. Little, if any significant study has been focused on what goes on inside a top salesperson. Our groundbreaking research in the United States and Europe now confirms that attitudes far outweigh looking good, sounding good or behavior in distinguishing top salespeople. This part of the report identifies the sales person’s motivators and compares them with top performing salespeople around the world are similar and if they have the same motivators that 70% of these top performing salespeople have in common.
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