Business owners everywhere are seeking better ways to find the talent necessary for their business success.

Jobs and the specific talents of the people who fill them are the unique building blocks of that success. But how can you discover the specific talents required for a job and match them with the talents inherent in a person?

All jobs have unique requirements for on-the-job behavior, and all jobs have inherent rewards that drives performance excellence. Employees whose behaviors and motivators are in line with the jobs rewards will excel.

People have unique behaviors that can be matched to jobs, however, these behavior and job matches seldom occur. When a person’s behaviors are in sync with a job, the result is increased performance and employee satisfaction, and decreased turnover.

Common behavior types range from outgoing and assertive to soft-spoken, mild and reserved, from adventurous and daring to controlled and restrained — and everything in between.

What is a Job Benchmark?

A job benchmark is a job talent report that identifies specific job behaviors, motivators and attitudes required to be productive and successful in a particular job.

How Does the Job Bench-Marking Process Work?

It used to be very difficult and time-consuming to create job benchmarks, which are the primary reasons that most businesses do not have or use job benchmarks in their hiring and development processes. However, with today’s technology, employers can create an accurate and detailed job description for key positions quickly and easily.

Our job bench-marking process is a unique and effective solution because it benchmarks a specific job, not the people in the job.

  • Select 2-3 top performers who are, or have been successful in that particular job.
  • Ask them to complete a job talent survey to determine and prioritize the attitudes, behaviors and motivators required to be a top performer in that particular job.
  • Consolidate their feedback into one corporate job benchmark.
  • Compare and match future candidates to your job benchmark.

Key Benefits of Job Benchmarks:

  • Hire the Right people for the Right jobs – The right talent in the right job equals top performance and employee satisfaction, which is exactly what every company wants.
  • Job Satisfaction — Job-related talents are directly related to job satisfaction.
  • Higher Performance — People are better positioned to achieve success when they are engaged in work suited for their natural l behavioral styles and values.
  • Lower Turnover — People are less likely to leave an enjoyable and challenging job.

Using job bench-marking in the selection and development of your employees will reduce “gut-feeling” hiring decisions made under pressure, improve your new hires’ chances of success and reduce costly turnover.

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