Successful business depends on Customer Service. It is essential to understand that every employee is involved in customer service. Everyone in every organization is a customer of some kind.

It has been proven that customers would rather switch to another company than tolerate poor service. Research indicates, even if there is no conflict, over 60% of all customers quit dealing with a business because of indifference on the part of some employee.

Each person has his or her own perception of what good customer service looks like and how they like to be treated. The ability to interact effectively with customers may be the critical difference between success or failure in our work life. Effective customer service begins with an accurate perception of our own work behavioral style.

Our Customer Service with “Style” Talent Assessment was designed to quantify information on how you see your own behavior in the workplace. That information may then be used for you to learn how others perceive your behavior. This knowledge will assist you in formulating strategies in meeting customer needs and help you; 

  • Understand your own behavioral style in order to provide more customer-sensitive service
  • Recognize and communicate more effectively with the four basic customer types
  • Understand customer’s behavior, emotions, expectations, and fears that drive their complaints
  • Use words that build, and avoid words that destroy customer relationships
  • Manage customer concerns; handle difficult customers and touchy situations.

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