The Orion© pre-employment profile provides you with a snap-shot of an applicant’s work related attitudes that make someone an asset or a liability, regardless of their skill or experience.

Each report contains three sections including validity, attitudes and suggested interview questions.

VALIDITY:(How reliable is the information in this report?)
Some applicants will tell you want they think you want to hear, or believe if you really knew what they honestly thought about these work-related issues, you may not hire them. We ask 8-12 slightly differently worded questions about each of the 10 workplace attitudes to detect any inconsistencies in the answers. The extent to which the applicant tries to skew the answers to tell you what they think you want to hear, determines the validity level. Low Risk = highly reliable, accurate information, Marginal Risk = questionable information and High Risk = unreliable, possibly inaccurate information.

WORKPLACE ATTITUDES: (Do their work attitudes compliment or conflict with yours?) 

  • Supervision – tells you how willing the applicant is to accept direction from supervisors and follow company policies and procedures. This scale also reflects the applicant’s supervisory potential.
  • Work attitude – tells you if the applicant is likely to be absent or tardy, and how well the applicant values the workplace and working with a team. An applicant who scores below average on the work attitude scale is far more likely than others to be late to work, call in sick when they are not ill and view work as a “necessary evil” rather than a meaningful, valuable part of life.
  • Drug Use – tells you how permissive the applicant’s attitudes are toward illegal drug use and their impact in the workplace. An applicant who scores high risk on the workplace drug use scale is far more likely than others to use illegal drugs in the workplace, arrive to work under the influence of illegal drugs, or look the other way if others do so. The workplace drug use scale predicts the outcome of a physical drug test, which will significantly reduce the cost of drug tests.
  • Theft – tells you how likely the applicant is to rationalize theft and cheating. 25.3% of all applicants in a study of 230,000 retail applicants scored high risk for workplace theft and cheating. Companies who exclude from consideration those applicants who score High Risk or Marginal Risk on the Workplace Theft scale have shrinkage rates that are half the national average.
  • Long-Term Employment – tells you how likely the applicant is to frequently change jobs and believe these job changes will affect their professional success. An applicant who scores below average on the long-term employment scale is far more likely than others to change jobs often looking for the perfect employment situation rather than investing his/her energies in consistent, high-level job performance as the means of employment success.
  • Customer Service – tells you how willing the applicant is to be helpful and courteous to customers. A large national retail automotive service company reported a 23% increase in customer satisfaction in the first year after hiring only those applicants who scored average or above average on the customer service scale.
  • Communication – tells you how willing the applicant is to communicate with customers, supervisors, and co-workers.
  • Competitiveness tells you applicant eagerness to accept challenges, meet goals, and desire to succeed on the job.
  • Sales – tells you how well the applicant likes (or might like) working in a sales environment.

Each profile lists applicant specific post survey interview questions to help managers explore areas of concern with the applicant so that they can make more informed hiring decisions. They also allow managers to counsel the applicant on what is expected should the applicant be hired. The questions help novice interviewers conduct more meaningful interviews, and help experienced interviewers conduct more thorough interviews more efficiently.

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