Employee Engagement
“Over 50% of employees are not engaged at work. Even worse, 15% are actively disengaged and are displaying their own unhappiness in the workplace.” Source – Gallop poll

Our Workplace Motivators report will help determine if a particular job is a good fit for someone, how likely they are to enjoy their work, be successful in that job, and become a long-term employee.

Supervisors and managers can also benefit by understanding what motivates them and their people to maximize each other’s strengths and effectiveness so that everyone flourishes and doesn’t flounder on the job.

Job Stress
Job stress caused from being miscast or mismanaged are two major reasons people quit their jobs.

When someone is miscast they may be either under qualified or over qualified for their job. When under qualified they tend to give up, stop trying and do just enough to keep their job, paycheck, and benefits.

When someone is over qualified, the work isn’t challenging for them so they become bored, disengage and eventually quit.

When someone is mismanaged, work becomes a miserable, stressful and unproductive experience for them and their manager.