Selling with “Style” Webinar

Successful sales people understand their products and their prospect’s needs; . . . but top sales performers understand human behavior and use it to adapt their selling style to their prospect’s buying style, and sell at a higher level.

For instance; did you know;

32% of buyers like to get right to the point, while 68% want to visit before getting down to business
46% like new and innovative products, and 54% prefer to buy only proven products
54% like time to think about your proposition, while 46% will make a quick decision  . .  if asked
32% like to negotiate, and 68% don’t
More importantly, do you know how to tell the difference?

If you don’t, and you just go along assuming that all prospects buy the same way, and that everybody thinks like you, then you could be losing out on a lot of sales opportunities without realizing it.

Behavioral science has proven that people are different, and buy for different reasons. A salesperson who understands basic behavioral (buying) styles, and learns how to use this knowledge in their sales calls and presentations, will close more sales and make more money.

For decades sales training has focused on generalized principles which apply (supposedly) to all customers. If the salesperson just says the right words at the right ti, people will buy; right? WRONG; with today’s sophisticated buyers, especially technical buyers, just knowing your product and the prospects’ needs are no longer enough. You not only need to know WHAT they need, but HOW and WHY they make buying decisions!

This seminar is not just another “if they say that – then you say this” selling seminar. Selling with Style is a behavior-based sales workshop that teaches you how to recognize a buyer’s buying style so that you can “sell them how they like to buy”!

In this webinar you will learn:

Characteristics of each buying style
How to recognize and read your customer’s buying style
Most effective sales presentation for each buying style
Statements that motivate (and demotivate) each buying style
Hindering factors in selling to each buying style
Typical questions asked by each buying style
Most effective closes to use with each buying style

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