So you’ve been promoted to manager, now what?

Every year thousands of employees are promoted to supervisors and managers. Unfortunately, many are given little or no training on how to supervise, manage or coach others.

There is no shortage of books, tapes,  and seminars on how to be a better manager; but increased knowledge doesn’t always translate into improved skills. Common knowledge is not always common practice.

Employees are normal people like you. But that doesn’t mean they all think and act just like you. Nor does it mean that they are all motivated by the same things that motivate you. And when it comes to management, each person has his or her own expectations and perceptions of what good management looks like. The employee’s perception is our reality!

Good Players don’t always make good Coaches: Just because an employee has been successful in one position, doesn’t guarantee success as a manager even with proper training. Some people just make better players than coaches and vice-versa.

In this seminar, you will learn:

  • How to understand, identify and communicate more effectively with the four different DISC personality styles
  • A formula for successful employee development
  • How to create a climate for successful employee development