“One third or more of all hiring decisions are outright failures, and in no other area of our business would we tolerate such dismal performance.” Peter Drucker

Common Hiring Challenges
Most people are hired for their knowledge and skill, and fired for their unacceptable behavior and attitude, neither of which can be determined accurately from a resume’ or interview.

Don’t take our word for it, just think about your best and worst hiring decisions. Did either decision turn out to be your best or worst because of WHAT they knew and could do, or because of their attitude and behavior in HOW they did their work?

High cost of Turnover
Hiring the wrong person can be a miserable and costly experience for the new employee, existing employees and your customers. An employee earning $50,000 per year who is fired within six months can cost a company double their salary!

With costs that high, what would it be worth to you to know the following BEFORE you hire someone?
   • Behavior: How will they get along with other people?
   • Motivation: Will they be challenged or bored in this job?
   • Work Habits: Will they be dependable and show up for work on time?
   • Honesty: Will they protect your assets and not steal from you?
   • Integrity: Will they do what is right?
   • Safety: Will they be a safety risk to themselves and to others?
   • Drugs: Will they use or overlook the use of illegal drugs on the job?
   • Customer Service: Will they be helpful and considerate to customers?
   • Supervision: Will they work well under supervision?
   • Team Player: Will they work well with and respect their peers?
   • Turnover: Will they be a loyal, long-term employee?

For Sales Representatives . . .
   • Do they have the knowledge and skills to successfully sell your products and services?
   • How will they sell? (personality, work habits, organization, motivation)
   • Are they a good match for the sales position you have open? i.e. retail, territorial, large accounts, etc.?

Some of the ways our clients use assessments . . .
   • Interviewing: Prepare questions appropriate to the position
   • Job Match: Avoid putting square pegs in round holes
   • Orientation: Define expectations from the beginning
   • Career Path: Build on strengths, compensate for weaknesses
   • Training: Target training to the individual’s needs
   • Coaching: Define and help with areas of improvement
   • Appraisals: Objective assessment based on the action plan
   • Conflict Management: Increase communication, decrease misunderstandings
   • Revitalization:Expand awareness, lower stress, improve communication
   • Team-Building:Blend personalities & values to accomplish common goals

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