Applicant Screening and Selection: Poor hiring decisions are the #1 cause of employee turnover.
Most people are hired for their knowledge, skill, education and experience; while most people are fired for their unacceptable attitude and behavior. Hiring the wrong person can be a miserable and costly experience for the new employee, as well as for you and your other employees and customers. An employee who leaves within their first year can easily cost double their salary.

Employee Development and Retention: Businesses waste a lot of time and money training the WRONG people.
According to a study by two major universities, companies spend 5 times more on employee training than they do on employee selection. Yet 76% of turnover is due to poor selection and only 24% is due to poor training. The lifetime value of a major account can be huge, but it pales in comparison to the lifetime value of a top producer. Making a poor hiring decision with a new employee who leaves after a few months is expensive and disappointing, but losing a top performer who has been with you for a long time can be astronomical. Our assessments will help you identify and understand what motivates your people and make sure that their job description, working environment and pay plan reward those values.

Organizational Development and Team-Building
The most effective teams have members who understand themselves, as well as each other. By understanding the keys to communicating with others based on behavioral styles, team members can become more effective and increase overall productivity. The results of the team report will also identify the strengths of each team member to be sure everyone is in a position to contribute to team success with their fullest potential.

Our assessment service provides employers with accurate information and insight about a person’s attitude, motivation and job behavior, which are usually good predictors about how a person will perform their duties and responsibilities.

All assessments are independently validated for content, accuracy and legality.

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